Magiclabeye Lash Growth Serum
Magiclabeye Lash Growth Serum

Magiclabeye Lash Growth Serum

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4D Eyelash Rebirth Surgery Technology, 3.5mL
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Made in Canada

 No irritation, no red eyes after prolonged usage.
– Eyelashes, eyebrows, hairline-stimulate growth by 3 times.
– Best for those who love lash extension but don't want to commit every 3 weeks.
– Capable of Increasing the volume of your lashes by 70%.
– Regenerate dead hair follicles.
– 24 hours to cultivate repairing techniques to rebuild and promote hair follicle regeneration.
– Suitable to use for those who have sparse eyelashes, or lashes damaged by lash extension.

Usage: 1-2 times a day (overdose is not recommended)

Apply a thin layer of the product along the top and bottom of the lashline.
Use in the morning after cleansing and before makeup, or
Use after skincare at night.

Under normal circumstances, you could speed up your lash growth using dual patented ingredients SymPeptide®️XLash and Widelash™️ cell culture inoculation ingredients in ten days.

It is specifically aimed at the reproduction of hair bulb keratinocytes to form biological enzymes of human tissue proteins, activates hair follicle cells in the resting phase, rebuilds and promotes hair regeneration, regenerates sleeping hair follicles, strengthens keratin and cell circulation, and allows hair to reappear again. At the same time, vitamins B5 helps increase the speed of hair growth, complements each other to supplement the nutrition of eyelashes, restores strength and health, reduces breakage and shedding, and makes eyelashes grow thick and fast.

Eyelashes are regenerated with zero dead ends in 1 week, and the eyes could be enlarged by 3 times. 

It is a human stem cell culture medium extracted from plants and herbs, which can promote hair bulb keratin production and growth. It can strongly inhibit the production of reducing enzymes that cause hair loss problems. It also has a repair effect on cells. It has a gradual decline in hair mother cells. The promoting effect of SymPeptide®️XLash has been scientifically verified.

It is a unique peptide with hair growth-promoting effect, stimulates the synthesis of important components of hair, keratin, promotes the growth of hair (such as eyelashes), repairs damaged hair from deep, makes hair thicker, and tougher, and improves the overall density of eyelashes.
The overall appearance of full-length eyelashes Vitamin B5 improves blood supply to hair follicles, accelerate hair growth, have a strong moisturizing effect and the effect of infiltrating the stratum corneum, and slowly strengthen the toughness of the hair through the absorption of hair roots, and keep the hair moist for a long time, avoiding dryness and splitting, and promoting the softness and elasticity of the hair. 
Not Recommended to use on those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or having any serious allergies issues, consult your doctor before using it.


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